Tuesday, November 29, 2011

crayon roll-ups,travel tissue holders & Owlie blocks too!

There are 25 travel tissue holders in this basket,which I started last night
and finished tonight.  when I add the 10-12 left over from the last
craft fair the basket will be just about full.

When I counted up the packets of tissues I counted 25,when I
cut out the pieces for the holders I mis-counted and so there was
one holder left over.  Which will be a start for the next batch!

Crayon roll-ups there are 14 pictured here.  The 4 at the bottom of
the picture are finished.  I still need to sew on the buttons for
the other 10.  (hopefully during lunches the next couple days)

I decided to go with a stocking stuffer for most of the new items I
made/am finishing up for the craft fair.

Today I received another squishie package in the mail!
First up is a red owlie outlined in white.  Which really makes this
block pop!

I didn't send enough of the border fabric for this little owl :(
Sadly I don't have enough of this print left to finish it myself
either.  So I need to change the border or see about purchasing
a little bit more of this print.
He sure is cute tho :)

Here are all the blocks :+)
The two owlie blocks a signature block,and a improv block too!

6 Owlie blocks to go!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Stockings,cozys,quilt blocks...

The Stockings were hung by the fireplace on the fence with care!
I saw these in a magazine recently,they are so flippin cute,I knew
that they were going straight to the Top of my list :+)

It took me about a day and a half to make 12 of them!  There are
8 large ones and 4 smaller ones.  The toes are what made them such
a challenge for me,especially getting the lining in properly!!
My sewing room was pretty blue with all the swearing going on
in there.  Of course it didn't help that I used flannel for the lining
I will make more but,next time I will Not be using flannel for the
These are going to the Craft Fair with me next Saturday.

Mr. P treated me (and his-self) to a Starbucks this afternoon :)
Which reminded me that cozy's were on my to sew "list".  One
of my Bloggy friends had sent me a fat quarter of each of these
prints earlier this year!  They were sitting there waiting for me to
decide what to use them to make.
Some of these will also be at my booth!
In different prints of course ;)

This is my pretty in pink block!  It is one of three that I recently
received from Jenna who is our Bee Mama!

Next up is the party girl ;)  That is what I am calling this block!
She just looks like she is wearing a party dress to me.

Here are all three blocks,both owlie blocks and the signature
block too.
Thank you Jenna,I love them all!

Know what these might be???

Every year the local Safeway store has a "Tree of Hope"  which
one of the local non-profit organizations puts up and decorates
with these paper ornaments.

Each ornament has a number and letter code on it.  Each one says
Male or Female  and the age of the person it is for.
Below that is a short list of suggested items that person needs or
could use.

Usually I take one ornament,but this year I found 2 that called out
to me :)
Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

In Stitches (not the quilting kind either)

 Did everyone have a good weekend?
Well I sure didn't!
Friday,which is usually the best day of the work week,Sucked!
I Tripped over an empty pallet at work,and slammed my head into a metal
plant rack.  Which resulted in a trip to the ER and 8 Stitches in my head,to
close up the gash,and to top it off they also gave me a Tetanus Shot.

I also skinned up the knuckles on my left hand pretty bad,and received a
nice ugly purple bruise on my right knee.

Yep,A Sucky Day for sure!
Well enough about that!

 Look at these Awesome Goodies that Mr. P brought me from
the mail box today :)
(the Bright Spot) in my weekend!
All these goodies came from my partner in the SewHappyGeek Table Runner/Wall Hanging Swap

                                          Here is a close-up of the beautiful Table Runner/Mat that my
                                          partner made for little ole me!  We had to put our 3 favorite colors
                                          in the swap questionnaire.  My favorite color is Green,so I picked 2
                                         other colors that I thought would look nice with it.
                                       She did such an awesome job!  I really Love it :+)  Doesn't it look
                                       nice with my Lucky Bamboo sitting on it?  I think so too!
                       Also included in the package were,all the left over fabric from making the mat,a candy
                     bar (which Mr.P promptly claimed!),and 4 different fat quarters too!

                      I feel very Lucky to have received all this wonderful quilty goodness :)
                     So,even tho I had a Crappy Weekend,and didn't get anything accomplished sewing wise,
                    there was one bright spot!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Spruce it up,in progress

Remember my Winter Stitching List ??
This is one of the patterns on my list of  things
to get done this winter.
It is called Spruce It Up,the pattern had a green tree.  Now green
is my favorite color,however Mr. P is the one that spotted the
display at the quilt shop.  I was busy looking for fabric for my
table runner swap,when I heard him say "wow,that is so cool"!

Now when your hubby
1. goes to the quilt shop with you (inside,not sitting in the car)
2. looks around at the fabric                                                             
3. points out a certain fabric or pattern                                          
You Need to
A. Pay Attention                    
B. Buy said pattern or fabric
C. use the fabric/make the pattern

So since his favorite color is blue,I decided that my "Spruce"  should
be blue.  The nice thing is that I just happened to have some blue/silver
Christmas fabric in my stash :)

The photo does not do this justice!!!  However,since I get home when the sun
is going down.....
I say in progress because it still needs to be sandwiched and quilted,and
I still need to make the presents and sew them under the tree.

The display at the store did not have decorations on the tree.  Mine does,
which in my opinion makes it look more like a Christmas Tree!

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Winner,Winner!!! & Owlie Blocks too

And the winner is.....
KOcanQuilt  who said...
I would make a very pretty wastebasket for all those pesky threads! I enjoy your blog, and thank you for the chance to win. Congratulations!!! And a BIG Thank You to all of you who follow my lil blog You Rock ;)
Today was a great mail day!
I received more owlie blocks.
This is the first one out of the envelope.
Very cute little guy!

Next up is one that really pops!  Love the red on this one :)

Here are both the owl blocks and the signature block.  I love
this little signature block.
And then.....

Much to my surprise and delight!
There was this over the top block!
I am sooo keeping this block for myself.  Yep I know,you are
right.  I am being selfish,but selfish or not this baby is MINE

I had to put it on top of another fabric to get a good photo,because
my table is white,and the white was blending in to the table.

A Close~up so you can see for yourself just how Sweet this
block is :+)
Look at the detail...

I was so excited about this block that I totally forgot to add the
candy that was also in the package to the photo!   Sorry about
that :(

Hope your Monday was as Great as mine!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Place mats finished!

 Finally finished the place mats for Mr. P and I!
This one is mine,I started out with the flying geese
quilt block,and then added some of the same fabrics
in a crazy type border along the sides.

This is Mr. P's place mat.  I started out with the same center
block and then added the blue & gold strips along the sides.

Yesterday we went to the springs (city) and shopped all day.
Mostly we went thrifting,which was quite fun!  We hadn't
done that for a couple months.

We found plates for making more bird feeders,Mr. P sold 3
to one of the ladies in the office where he works!  She is going
to use them for Christmas gifts.
So we needed more plates and jars,since we are planning on
taking some to the craft fair on the 3rd of Dec.

Anyway it was extremely windy here this weekend.  We had
High Wind advisory's all weekend.  When we arrived at the
last thrift store it was already dark.
So this isn't the best picture (took it with my cell phone)
What you see is a Huge pile of Tumble Weeds!

They were all in front of the Ace Hardware store next to the
thrift store we went to.  They were also all the way down the sidewalk
in front of the other stores.

Today we found out that there were wind gusts of 100 miles per hour!!!
All I know is that it was Crazy Windy!

By the way,Followers,if you haven't entered my giveaway
yet,you still have a little time!

I will announce the winner tomorrow evening :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

More Owlie Bee blocks

Today when I checked the mail box there were two little squishie
packages waiting for me!
The first one was from Cindy over at Fluffy sheep quilting
These are way to cute!
I love how everyone is putting together the blocks.

The second one was from Sarah over at FairyFace Designs
It is so awesome to see the blocks on the flickr,but way more so
to have them sitting on my sewing table!
These blocks are sew adorable :)

I am also loving all the recipes,which I will start testing out soon!
Mr. P came home complaining that "he had no goodies,and we need to
go to the store to get some"
He sure changed his tune when I handed him two Huge candy bars :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Score,a finish & a Giveaway!

As a general rule Mondays are not such great days.  However today was a pretty good day considering
the fact that is was a Monday.  About mid-morning the lady that is the Manager of the Housewares/Domestics dept. at work came over to talk to me.  She asked if I would be interested in having
the curtains that she had received to put up as displays!  Since she has no way to display them,she usually just
throws them away!

For some reason this time she thought about asking if I would like to have them.  (she knows that I sew and craft)
This is the loot that she gave to me today!!
Check it out,there are 20 packages there.  So I have 20 single
curtains for me to play with.  She was thinking that maybe they
might be used to make throw pillows,which is a great idea!
Talk about a wonderful Score!
This is a heavy cardboard barrel that Mr. P brought
home for me today!  Score # 2 on a Monday no doubt.
It is around two feet high and one foot in diameter.

My finish!  Remember this summer when I posted about making
this Twister mini-quilt?  Well this evening I finally made the
binding for it and sewed it on.  Now it just needs to be washed,
and it will be ready to find a new home!
(thinking of putting it in my soon to open etsy shop)
I added tabs on the back so that it can be either a wall hanging
or a table mat.

The giveaway!!!
Sometime recently when I wasn't paying attention I hit FIFTY!!
Followers that is ;)
So to show my appreciation for all you lovely peeps I decided to
give one of you these three fat quarters :)

Since this is in appreciation of my faithful followers I will only pick
one of the Fifty peeps who have already been following my blog.
After all that is only fair,right?

How do you win these,you ask?

Well,remember the barrel in the second photo?
Leave me a comment on how I might use it in my sewing/craft room.
Simple as that!

I will announce the winner Next Monday ~ Good Luck

Sunday, November 6, 2011

November Bee Blocks

So the Queen for November requested that we make her
these Wonky Star blocks.
I love the fabric she sent out to use for the blocks!

She said to feel free to play around with the
stars.  However since this was the first time that
I ever made these blocks, I just followed the
tut that she provided a link to.

We were also asked to make a improv block for the back of the
quilt,if we wanted to.
Believe it or not the small iprov block took me longer than the
regular sized ones did!

This was really a fun block and I will definitely be making these
again in the future.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pinecone Ornaments finished

Remember this picture from this post?  Go ahead,check it out.
I will wait ;)
okay you back? 
Today I needed a little break from all that sewing lately.
So decided to finish these up.
Here is the first 3 that I did.  In all there are 12
but somehow I only took photos of 9 of them
for some reason.

The three red ornaments,one large and two small

Three of the smallest ornaments that I make.
I am happy to have these done as they will be
some of the first things listed in my New soon
to open etsy shop!  Which will be named

The only bad thing about this project is that
when I was almost done with these I totally
burnt my pinky finger on my left hand,thank goodness
it wasn't my right!  Anyway I fried it so bad that it is
blistered,even tho I put mustard on it immediately!

So the moral of this story is,be extremely careful when
using glue guns,as they can burn you quite badly :(
I have burnt myself many times before,but never this

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Friday, November 4, 2011

2 Table Runners/2 Finishes!

Up first is the Table Runner that I have been posting about
for the online swap over at SewHappyGeek
It did not turn out to be the masterpiece that I had hoped for.
However over all I am fairly happy with it.
Just hope that my partner feels the same way!



This one is for a swap that the quilt guild I belong to is hosting.
I started out to make a Lil Twister Table Runner and then added
my own twist ;)  I am liking how this one turned out,hope she
(my partner) does too!

Hope you all have a great weekend :)