Friday, January 28, 2011

flower pot candy jars

  Looking for a unique candy jar?  How about one made from a tera cota flower pot and a small round vase, or fish bowl.  That is what these candy dishes are made from.
  The lid is made from the saucer for the pot and a ball knob, (used for the handle).
The decoration is cut out pieces of fabric that has been decoupaged on to the glass (dish part) and also onto the base.
  To make these you will need:
1 flower pot & saucer
1 glass bowl
1 ball knob
fabric pieces
craft paint
E6000 glue (or a similar type glue)
clear coat (for spraying finished base)
1 screw (for attaching ball knob)
NOTE:  Make sure that your saucer has a hole in it, or you will have to drill a hole to attach the handle.
  Paint your base and lid any color of your choice, let dry.(you will probably have to use two coats)
Paint the ball knob a contrasting color ( to make painting easier place a small craft paint brush inside the hole in the bottom of the ball knob)  
Next, apply your fabric pieces.  Use a small craft paint brush and paint on the decoupage in a thick coat.  Then apply to the base of your candy dish, and also to the glass bowl if desired.  Once you have applied fabric, paint over the top of it with more decoupage.  Allow to dry.
  After decoupage has dried, spray base, lid, and handle with clear coat.  Set aside to dry.  When the lid is dry take a screwdriver and attach the ball knob (handle) to the lid.  Now you need to attach the glass bowl to the base.
  To do this turn your flower pot base upside down, apply glue liberally to the base of the pot.  Tracing around the outside edge and then covering the rest of the base too.  Now center your glass bowl on the base.
  Place something heavy (like a dictionary or thick book) on top of the glass bowl. 
Check your glue for the required amount of curing time.  When the glue has set and cured you can add your candy and put your lid on!

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