Sunday, April 20, 2014

The (Not So) Convertible bag

This was my ALYOF(button on side bar) goal for this month.  The Convertible bag,only in this case not so convertible...

The bag is designed to work either as a cross body bag or as a backpack.  However since my machine and the thread I was using to sew up this bag absolutely refused to play nice,even after numerous attempts at adjusting the bobbin tension...

This is where I decided to quit fighting and just have a cross body bag.(which I am quite happy with :)! Right below the two center points is where the tunnel for the backpack part of the strap was supposed to go.  If you look close you can probably see the needle holes from where I had stitched it.  Alas,the stitches would not stay in,which I noticed after turning the bag for the umpteenth time...

A look inside.  The pattern called for a zippered pocket on the inside and another one on the outside back.  I opted to omit both of them,and instead just have one slip divided slip pocket on the inside.  There was a little confusion on my part when arriving at the instructions on how to sew the lining and main body of the bag together.  I did figure it out,but had a couple bumps (resulting in puckers) at both side seams.  However I think that could be remedied with practice.

So here she is in all her glory,my not so convertible bag!  The pattern called for a thumb tuck,or catch.  Since I did not have one,and the bag designer was only offering the hardware in silver...I used a front buckle closure instead.  Took me a while to figure out how to make it work,but I managed.

Yes I will make this bag again,I really like it!  Next time I will be using thread that Lil Miss Janome can play nice with.  That other thread,well it is in thread      (the trash)

Saturday evening I finally managed to sew up the other five blocks for Kevin the Quilter.  So this week I can send off ten!  You can still make and send blocks into June.  Info is all at the link above.

During the Flags on a Stick hop I was a Lucky girl!  These lovely patterns came to me from Rhonda over at Revelly1.  They have been added to my "list".

These lovlies came from Shirley C from the blog Shirley C.  After I drool over the charms for a while I will decide what to use them for,and I am excited to start filling up the bobbin holder.

Last but not least are these two new additions to my library!  These are what I chose from Martingale for winning the March prize in the Big-City SAL!  This was a crazy winning month for me,even more so since I rarely win :)

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Alpine Triangles quilt & a sneak peek

I rushed home from work today to try and get a shot of my quilt top.

It was pretty windy,so I just snapped off a quick picture,because the link up over at The Sassy Quilter closes tomorrow!  There are so many beautiful quilt tops already linked up,you should go take a look.

And your sneak peek!  I have made lots of progress on my secret project :)  Which I should be able to post about at the end of this month.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Sew Happy weekend

Here is the proof...

Around the beginning of the year Jolene asked me to make her some little baskets to use in a game she plays with her dog.  My first thought was to use some of my stash of blue jean scraps,but I didn't have enough pieces large enough.  So after rummaging through my stash some more I found the navy with stripes piece.(there was just enough)

I am sure she will find a use for this one as well.

All of the drawstring bags I have seen online are made without any interfacing,and the first one I made,the little elephant bag on the right is too.  After making it I decided that they needed a lightweight interfacing.

Can you tell the difference?  I plan to sell these at craft fairs this summer,and think that the ones with the interfacing just make a much better presentation.  As the one without just looks really slouchy.

These are a great way for me to use up the novelty prints that have been in my stash for a long time.

These are also a great way to use up some larger scraps,not to mention a partial package of cotton rope.

The last one for this round of sewing...

Last summer one of my customers suggested that I might want to think about making/selling curling/flat iron cozy's.  So after two previous attempts..third time charm!  There is insulbright inside,so you can stash and go.  Great for when traveling,or if you have little ones running around.

Another item that I plan on selling this summer is bowl covers.  This was my first attempt,I still need to work out a thing or two,but I am liking it.  I also cut fabrics to make some tea wallets but ran out of time to sew any of them up...

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Alpine Triangle Quilt (progress)

As you probably know I am participating in the

You can find this weeks link up here!  I am a tad bit ahead as my rows are already sewn into three sections.

Since it was Finally warmer today I planned to take a photo outside after work...But somebody forgot to tell the wind of my plans...The first two sections are already quilted,and the third as you can see is taped and ready whenever I can get to it.(hopefully tomorrow after work)  Of course I will need to make the backing as soon as the quilting is finished.  The quilting is on the diagonal because it is quick and easy straight line quilting.

I have been carefully(since it is too windy to do this outside) spray basting each section with Spray-n-Bond.  I found this at walmart last fall,and decided to try it because I have always been happy with Heat-n-Bond products.  What I like about this is that it does not have a scent/odor.  The cans are smaller,but work fine for smaller projects.  So far it has lasted for all three sections and there is still plenty in the can.  I have seen this at Joann's too.

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Monday, April 7, 2014

April Goals...


Since I did not get to the Convertible bag for March (bag of the month bag) it has been moved to my goal for  A Lovely Year of Finishes for April.  Wish me luck...

Aprils Bag for the Big City Bags SAL These are the fabrics I am hoping to use to make my Wonderland Bag this month.  I think that I will just be able to eek the pieces out of these half yard cuts (the pattern calls for 3/4 yard cuts).  If that does not work out I will be choosing different fabrics.

This months bag for the Bag of the Month Club  These are the fabrics I have pulled to make The Midtown Messenger Bag (I haven't printed the pattern off yet so no photo  of the bag for you)

As always there are also other sewing goals that I have not listed,but will post about as or when I work on them or finish them.    Speaking of which,this past weekend I made progress on my Triangle Quilt (button at the top of sidebar).  That will be another post this week!

Wishing you a week with time for sewing :)...

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