Sunday, March 8, 2015

Random sewing & a Winner!!

For the first time this year there will be no quilt or quilt top in my post.  What?!!  No I am not done with quilts yet,just taking a little breather.  Okay,actually all this last week was spent cutting up scraps.  One tote done one to go(at a later date).

This is the latest pattern I tested for Jessica of Sweetbriar Sisters .  It is called Charming Chicks,the pattern includes the sweet little chick and the egg zipper pouch that holds it!  Just follow the link above to her shop to see all of her adorable patterns.

These are super adorable and perfect for Easter,so I will be making up a few more.  I just need to purchase some safety eyes as one great niece and one great nephew are still too little for googly eyes!

Yesterday I whipped up this sweet little swing bag.  It is actually my own version of The Emma Clutch I won the pattern way back in October and just now got around to trying it out.  The fabric used is some of my Nordika scraps,although the left side looks like two black squares that is not the case(just how the photo came out).  For me this was just too big for a clutch,so I turned it into a swing bag instead.

On the flap I used some bag bling purchased from Emmaline's Shop.  She has some pretty sweet Bling for bags that lets people know your item is handmade!

The Bag of the Month Club's January bag,the Companion Carpet Bag in progress.  The large silver piece is some more of Emmaline's bag bling.

All finished!  The making of this bag sure had its ups and downs.  The end bag is totally worth it though!

A look inside.  This was the first time using a tubular frame for me,surprisingly it was not one of the bumps along the way.

Another first in bag making,adding feet to a bag!  Which by the way is really quite easy.

So who is the winner of the Kona Color Card???

Chiska,Congratulations you are the winner of my old card!  I have emailed you for your snail mail info!

Thanks to everyone who entered,for your comments on my post :)!

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

another finish & a Giveaway

In the blink of an eye it is March!  This year is just cruising right along,before you know it spring will have sprung!

However,it is not spring yet…

Cabin Fever is finished!  That makes this quilt finish #8 for 2015 :)

A few extra blocks and a little AMH Innocent Crush for the backside,and this one is a wrap!

Recently this Sweet pillow arrived in a squshie package from one of my Best Friends :)!  Also included in the package…

A new Kona Solids color card!!!  Thank You Jamie :)!  The card on the right is my old one with 243 colors on it.  So would you like to have my old Kona Color card?  Just let me know in your comment!  I will choose a winner and post who it is next Sunday.  Good Luck.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sew the Library

No,I didn't fall off the earth,just blog land!  Sorry for the lack of posting lately but,in order to stay focused and stay productive it was necessary.

So,what has been keeping me busy…

quilt # 7 for this year!  This is my buzz saw quilt from The book Fabulously Fast Quilts by Amy Smart.  This is my second quilt from this book,although this one was not as fast as the butterfly effect quilt,it was still fairly fast to sew up.

For the back of this quilt I decided to pull out a few of the gothic windows blocks from w a y back in April 2012(my month in stash bee that year).  It felt great to be including these in a project finally!  You can see the quilt made from most of the blocks.

No photos outside today as it is a slushy/snowy mess,with more on the way.  I did not want to risk dragging or dropping this beauty in the slush.

Finished this quilt measures at 67 x 82,a little larger than the one in the book.  Simply because my borders are just a bit larger than the pattern called for.  Although there are more quilts in the book that I like,next month it is time to move on and sew from some other books/magazines in my sewing library.

Linking up with Weekend Doings this month for Sew the Library

*** Just a little note to my regular followers,you may or may not have noticed that my header is quite a bit different!  In the near future I will be changing my blog name and url.  The current header is temporary until I find someone to make me a professional one.  If you know anyone let me know!  More on this in a later post ***

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Saturday, February 7, 2015

January recap/February focus

Sewing progress for the first month of 2015..

left to right
# 1 Stick shift quilt front/back
# 2 little Red in the Woods quilt front/back
# 3 Fall Frolic quilt front/back
# 5 butterfly effect quilt front/back

Quilt  # 6

Todays finish,the first for Feb is my Mellow Yellow Stick Shift quilt.  The spot where I usually hang my quilts for photos at the Steam Plant (which used to actually be a steam plant back in the day,but is now a theater and art mecca) had a large pile of snow in front of it.  So the stairs were the photo spot today.

The back side,is a lot more pieced than planned,but then the quilt is two rows longer and three sticks longer than originally planned.

These are the fabrics I am hoping to use for my January BOM bag,if there is enough,if not it will be back to the stash to find something that will work.  There is still some hardware needed for this bag,so we shall see if it gets completed this month.  The fabric for this months bag has yet to be pulled…

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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sew the Library (twofer)

Have you heard,or are you participating in Sew the Library?  It is a monthly link up hosted by Fabric Mutt and I think a few other bloggers will be hosting throughout the year too.  This is not one of my usual link up party's,but this is a New year and time for New things...

So I am participating.  For this month (the first link up)  my project is a quilt,from the book Fabulously Fast Quilts.  This book was a Christmas gift from a very special friend.  Jamie and I decided to have our own little sew along this month.  The pattern we chose this month is butterfly effect.

The prints in the quilt came from a Color Me Happy jelly roll,the solid is Kona Nightfall,which is actually a darker blue.  The binding strips are two grey prints from the jelly roll mixed with a green with white polka dot Dear Stella print.  The name of the book holds true,as this was pretty fast to sew up,and turned out fabulously!

You are probably thinking this is a crazy back side for a quilt called butterfly effect right?  well,having my own "style"is one of the things that makes my quilts unique,and this one is no exception.  As you know I love things that are reversible…

Finish #5 for January!
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