Sunday, January 25, 2015

Productive Focus

Do you choose a word(s) at the beginning of each new year?  Some bloggers/quilters do some do not.  Until this year I was one of the do nots.  For some reason it just felt right,although I did not link up anywhere or anything like that.

It is just a personal thing having to do with my quilting/bag making goals for the year.  Speaking of that here is Fall Frolic all finished!

inside and closer up.

Again,inside since the sun was dipping by the time I finished!  This one was actually finished last weekend. Quilt finish #4 for January!

This past week has been a busy one,with two new quilt projects in the works.  Butterfly effect from a "Color Me Happy"jelly roll,and Kona Nightfall blue yardage.

and the second Stick Shift quilt,using "Mellow Yellow",a FQ bundle and strips from a "Silent Film" roll up/jelly roll.  Both tops are finished at this point,photos will come as soon as I can find daylight hours…

My words for this year…Productive Focus

Sew Worth It

Sunday, January 18, 2015

my Tammy 4 all seasons

When I saw the post for the Tammy 4 all seasons post over at Sew We Quilt back in November I just Had to jump in…even though I had never so much as sewn one x stitch!

Before we get to my bag many thanks are in order though: Firstly Thank you to Mdm Samm for this wonderful hop,and for my new found skill (albeit the skill part is still questionable) the wonderful magnets,and my Tammy bag kit!
Thanks also to Mary for so graciously moving me to a later day in the hop,so I would have time to finish my cross stitch,and for being our head cheerleader!

Many thanks to All the wonderful sponsors including:
Brooke of Brooke's Books For all the Awesome cross stitch patterns
Cori of Chitter Chatter Designs For all the Sweet Pinny patterns
Apple Heart  Mdm Samm's shop for the Tammy Bag pattern
Beam N Read (LED light)
DMC (floss and Aida cloth)
H. A. KIDD (monaco fabric/cloth)
Readers  (reading glasses)
Snap Source (snaps and a gadget for attaching them)
Yarn Tree (Q snaps)
                     Thank You,Thank You,Thank You!

Since I was more than a bit nervous  about starting with the cross stitch,the Pinny came first.

 The box pleats (the first time for making these) gave me a few fits,but nothing major.

When Mdm Samm said that it took her two weeks to finish her cross stitch/tammy bag I figured it would take me at least twice that amount of time.  Wrong!  It took me F O R ever.  Okay it only took me around six weeks…  Apparently I can not count,or count correctly anyway!  The ending result…

well just don't look too closely or you will see stitches where they should not be,no stitches where they should be...

Finally the day the hop started I finished my cross stitch!  Let me just say I was (and still am) Ecstatic!

On to the rest of the Tammy bag.  The handle was my only problem child,even though I measured and marked the center…you guessed it,I sewed it on crooked.  Sigh,ahh the challenges of sewing new to me patterns!

Since my DD and her hubby installed software upgrades and more memory to my computer for Christmas,I have not yet re-learned how to edit my photos.  So you can not read the label I added to the back of the bag. The label says "This Took FOREVER"   That being said,I am sooo in Love with my newest Bag finish and,yes,I will be doing more cross stitch in the future!  However,the next one(s) will not be on a schedule but rather when the mood strikes!

Okay I have gone on long enough about my Sweet new Tammy,Off you go to check out all the Wonderful Stitchers I have the pleasure of Sharing the day with!

                                                                     January 19, 2015

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Kick Starting 2015...

Well after a longer than planed absence from blogging,I am finally back.  During my hiatias I was busy,busy,busy!

The Fantasy Row baby quilt for Gil's friends baby was finished in time to link up for the last ALYOF of last year,but since I didn't have my computer…

that didn't happen.  I recently received a message from the recipients,both mama and baby love it!

The start of my first quilt for this year!  Jamie and I decided in December to have a sew along from the book she sent me for Christmas.  The book,Fabulously Fast Quilts by Amy Smart can be found in her shop.  Before we sewed a quilt from the book though,we decided to sew her Stick Shift quilt from the tutorial on her blog.  Here are my sticks all chain pieced.

The sun had already dipped behind the mountains by the time I went to take photos late this afternoon.  So they are all a little dark,and I was not able to lighten them up by editing them without really changing the colors.  In the quilt tutorial,the solid is all one color,but you know me…I had to change it up a bit and added in a few Kona Glacier strips in each row interspersed with the grey.

The larger piece is an Kona Iron Grey,the smaller one is Kona Glacier.  The print fabric used for this quilt was a fat eighth from Joann's,purchased this past summer.  Which by the way was the perfect size for a 45 x 48" baby quilt.  After using some of the scraps in the backing there are only a handful of really small pieces left.  So almost no waste,which is pretty sweet!

Half Vintage Modern one of the tops I finished back in September…now the quilt is also finished!  The second finish for this year!

The colors show up much better in this cell phone shot during quilting.

The backside is mostly the print under the safety pin in the center of the photo above.  The stripe is a Comma print with pale orange.  This one is going to my great niece Sorenna,since the little squares with the girls came from my mom's stash,and were originally intended for one of her grand/great grand babies.

Finish #3 of this year,the second top from September last year, little Red in the Woods quilt.  I didn't crop out my quilt holders hands,because it would have also cut off the top of the quilt.

Straight line quilting on this one to accent all the strips.

A couple larger scraps of Kona solids and a clearance print from Joann's a few years ago.(I think)

Hope everyone had a wonderful New Year,I sure did!  All three quilt finishes this month were courtsey of a Much needed four day weekend over NewYears!  Kick Starting 2015...

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Big-City Bags...the Final edition

This month for the BigCity Bags SAL (button on my side bar) we could sew up any of the bags in the book.  Since my favorite bag in the book is the Chandelier Swing bag,that is the one I chose to make.

All year long we have been sewing the bags from the book and not once have I used any of Sara Lawson's fabric.  Until now anyway!  For this one I broke into my FQ bundle of Jungle Avenue that I had been hording petting and trying not to drool on ;)

Normally I am not much of a "pink"girl,but I really love this text print!  Not to mention that some of the bundle made a Sew Together bag for someone for a Christmas gift.

The main reason this bag is my favorite is because of the size.  It just holds the essentials,which is what I usually pack around.

A peek inside,love this street map print too!

How about one with an exotic flair?  This one was made with a piece I cut wrong for the Sound Check bag.

I need to stock up on zippers before the month ends and the discount runs out!  I was hoping to use a gold or black zip,but since all three of my black zips went into the Sew Together bag...

The goldish print inside does not really match,but since it is inside it is okay.  This has been such a fun year with lots of bags!  My skills have grown exponentially since the beginning of the year.  Hardware has been tried and some of it mastered.  Some still needing more practice runs.

I hope you will join me next year as my bag making (and sewing in general) continues!  I heard recently Sara has sent a new book to her editor...and I have already signed up for the next edition of The Bag of the Month Club!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

* Happy Holidays *

Just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  My computer is going in to be serviced over the Holidays.

So other than one pre-scheduled post I will be MIA until my computer returns sometime in early January 2015.  See you in the New Year.

Until then Happy Sewing!