Monday, February 22, 2016

The PinkLady Sewtogether bag & an unexpected visitor

This past week just flew by,but then that is always the way when one is on vacation.

Recently my sister and I both had the same days off!  We planned a girls day out in the city,first stop,the leather store!  This is a bit of one piece I purchased.  It laid rolled up on my sewing room floor for a few weeks until…

the plan formed.  Pressing leather is not a good idea,a boning tool comes in very handy,as do lots of Wonder Clips!

Since this was my first time sewing with leather,I used cotton for the inside of the bag,and will probably continue to do so in future bags as well.  Mostly because the prints add a lot of interest/color to the bag. It also helps to cut down on the thickness when sewing it together.

A big plus,which you can see from this side shot!

The finished bag,Love how this turned out!  A complete success!  and my unexpected visitor…

Little Miss Audrey Lynn!  My granddaughter came for four days!!!

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