Saturday, June 2, 2012

June Bee blocks

This evening I decided to sit down and work on my June blocks for Stash Bee.  We were asked to make five blocks,or more if we wanted.

Here are the six I made.  The only problem is that they are all a 1/2" small!  My mistake was that I cut out all the fabric pieces before sewing up any of the blocks.  Sad Face :(  Why the sad face?  Because the only Kona White I had was a FQ.  Not enough to make the requested 5 blocks the right size,after making the first six.

Here are the four that are the correct size!  Happy Face :)  Even tho I am one short of the correct size,I am hoping that Sara will be happy with them.

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  1. Oh no! But that's great you could make 4. They look pretty!

  2. :( Well that stinks, but lemonade out of lemons, you now have a bunch of cute blocks that will make a great mini quilt :)

  3. Those blocks are really cute. I have to buy extra fabric myself because just about every time I quilt I mess up the cutting.


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