Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Microscopic to Gigantic

Here we are at the tail end of the month again!  Is it me,or is this year off to a flying leap?  Last evening after dinner I went to cut and sew on the binding for Gothic Windows...

I made this instead :0)  It is one of the two (I hope) pin cushions that will be heading out to my swap person!  The geese are around 3/4 of an inch by about an inch and a quarter.  They turned out nicely!  She loved the photo posted on FB today :0)

This evening,I did cut the binding strips and sew them on!  So,after this one gets washed and dried,and weather permitting,there will be more photos and a link up tomorrow!


  1. I love the pincushion! Talk about tiny geese, babies! I cannot wait to see the quilt! I hope the weather cooperates!

  2. Very cute pincushion! Looking forward to seeing that finished gothic window quilt if the sun would cooperate.

  3. Maybe one day I'm make baby geese too ♥


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