Sunday, February 13, 2011

Blue Jean Wine Bag Tutorial

Supply's needed
1 pair of Blue Jeans (just the legs will do)
Thread in a coordinating  or contrasting color
Wine bottle (sparkling cider will do too)
Embellishments of your choosing
Sewing Machine (or you can hand sew)
Lay your wine bottle on one of the legs of your jeans, use this as a guide for the measurement
of where to cut the leg off.

Cut the leg off, at your measurement.

Now, turn the cut off part inside out

Fold the cut end over 1/4 inch & then fold over again.  You should have
about 1/2 an inch fold, or the width of your presser foot. As in picture above.

Sew all the way around the leg, making sure to back stitch.  I used red thread so you could
see better, and also because I like to use contrasting thread.
Maybe its the rebellious side of me coming out! 

Next, sew just above the cuff, or bottom hem/seam of the jeans.
Again sewing all the way around the leg, and back stitching at
the beginning and end.

Now cut off the original hem, being careful not to cut your
stitching.  You could cut the hem off first if you want, and
then sew the opening closed.

Next, turn the leg right side out.
Now comes the fun part!  You can embellish to your hearts content!

I added a scrap of Valentines fabric at the top of the leg. (since tomorrow is
Valentines Day & my Wedding Anniversary too!)
I sewed all the way around the top and the bottom, making a casing, I left a
open spot in the back about an inch and a half wide. (sorry forgot to take a
picture of that part)
Using a safety pin attached to the trim, I pulled it through the casing.  Then
wrapped it around to the front of the bag and tied a bow, leaving the ends
long to dangle the length of the bag.
I also added a cute little patch, using a decorative stitch
on my Machine.

Here is the finished Wine Bottle bag!
Whew!  This is my first tute ever!
Hope that it is clear and easy to understand.
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