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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Up~Cycled Tie & a Giveaway

Once upon a time there was a young man who owned a black tie with pink polka dots.......

It looked a lot like this,that is until,he tried to iron it!  I came home from work one afternoon a few years ago to find a Very Upset Gil,tie in hand.  The first words out of his mouth were,"mom You Can Fix It Right"?  There was a melted spot about three inches in diameter about mid-chest.  It Sucks when,as a parent you Can't Fix It,even when it is just a melted tie.

Since then the tie has hung on a hook in my sewing room,that is until this weekend!  Can you see the bits of pink in the strips of fabric on the bath towel?  I finally had an idea of how to re-purpose/up-cycle Gil's tie!  He Loved that tie so much,it was a gift from his cousin when he was one of the grooms men in her wedding :)

The rest of the braided block was attached to the cuff of a pillow case.  After finishing the two projects I sent two picture texts to Gil,it was such a great feeling to get this reply....
"I Loved that Tie,I Like"!!!  Being a parent has its moments,Bad & Good Alike.

On to the Giveaway....

Sara over at Southern Transplant recently won the Traveling Stash (or one of them)  and is now ready to give it away!  Go check out her blog and leave a comment for a chance to win this box of fabric goodness :)  While you are there take a minute to check out her blog,if you like what you see give her a follow ;) 

                                         Good Luck!

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Solar Light Tutorial

Things needed for this project...

Whatever type you like,they just have to have the same
size opening as the bottom of the solar light.
Solar lights

The ones that have the removable top

I use Liquid Nails clear seal
To attach the tops

Modge Podge/Paint brush

Red, White & Blue tissue paper

Wax Paper

Heavy Books

Modge Podge directly onto the jar,then wrap
your tissue paper around the jar over the Modge
Repeat for each color of tissue paper on each jar.

Here is the first jar all done and starting to dry/

I am making a set of 6 jars in this project.
Here they are all done and drying/curing.

While you are waiting for the jars to dry,remove the tops of
your solar lights from the stakes they are on.
Do Not Pull out the little orange battery tab yet tho!

When the jars have dried/cured,snip off the tip of your liquid
Nails tube of sealer.
It will be much easier to apply if you snip the tip at an angle.
Gently squeeze the liquid nails all the way around the edge of
your solar light top.(make sure that you are applying the liquid
nails to the bottom side of the solar light)

Once you have applied the liquid nails,carefully pull out the
orange battery tab.  You might need a pair of needle nose
pliers to do this,it just depends on how tight they are.
I only had to do this with two of my lights.

The reason you should wait to pull out the orange tabs is
because those little lights are pretty bright!  And it will be
harder for you to see to apply the liquid nails with the light
shining brightly in your eyes!

Here is the first one with the solar cap/top

All six of my red ~ White & Blue jars with the
cap/tops attached.

Now place your jars all together and place several
heavy book,or something heavy on top of them.
Refer to the directions on the liquid nails tube for
curing time.
I let mine cure 24 hours.

There you have it!
Your own Patriotic solar lights!
Happy Independence Day Everyone :)

Sew,what do you think of my watermarked photos?
You can find the tutorial on how to do this at the  SewHappyGeek
blog.  Check it out!

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Upcycled DVD/CD holder

This is the DVD/CD holder that I found at the thrift store
on Saturday. 
Here is what it looked like after removing most of the wire
pieces (leaving every 4th one), and one of the wood ends.
Here is the finished project!  I painted the remaining wood
piece black, then added some scrap booking establishments
by using Modge Podge.

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