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Friday, January 20, 2012

First UFO finish of 2012!!!

Can I get a Whoop,Whoop!!
I finished this and posted photos to the After Christmas Sew
Along with seconds to spare (literally)!

You can find the post from last year here about when the
quilt top was finished.

I started quilting it on Wednesday evening after dinner,
finished last night around a quarter after ten.
This evening between phone calls and other interruptions
I was able to finish and get photos posted by the ten o clock

This is also one of the projects on my Winter Stitching List,
that Sarah over at FairyFace Designs is hosting!
One down a bunch to go.

Linking up to the following...

crazy mom quilts
KristyLou's Creations

Have a Wonderful weekend ;)

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sunflower posies

This evening while talking to Jolene she said so mom,you
haven't posted anything lately on your blog.  What is up
with that?
So ensued a conversation about what I had posted lately.
I was sure that I had posted the pictures of my finished
Posie Patch quilt top,only to find (much to my surprise)
that she was right and I was wrong!
So here are the photos in question.

I just love how it the tallest sunflower appears to be looking
down on the two smaller sunflowers :)
So Jolene,I sit corrected! 

Now I need to take the plunge and use my new FMQ foot
and quilt it!

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

test sunflower & giveaway winner!!

Remember the fabric in my giveaway?
Well today was the day to pick a winner...
And the Winner is...
Kitten With a Whiplash

Thank you to everyone who entered :)

So here is my test sunflower.
Not to bad for a first try,however my steam a seam is 12 inches
wide and my sunflower is 16 inches from tip to tip.  Also the center
is to small.
I am going to have to find a pattern some where I guess.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

fresh veggies & more solar lights

So there I was out in the garden pulling weeds today after work.
When I heard something calling to me,it sounded like Pick Me!
So that is just what I did :)
From top left...
Cinnamon Basil
Swiss Chard
Yellow summer Squash
Red Winter Kale
(the strawberries were great)
As will the rest of these goodies be too!

This is the pattern I am working on for my appliqued
flowers on my (very late) Posie Patch quilt.
I am thinking that this might actually be to big of a
since I don't have any extra fabric for making my sunflowers I am
going to sew one using a different fabric first.
In the back ground is a Lucky Bamboo plant that my
neighbor brought over this evening,a gift for looking after
her kitties this past weekend while she and hubby were out
of town!
They are such great neighbors :)

Here is another set of Solar Lights that I made up recently.
This is my Favorite set yet!

The light pattern they cast off is just so Awesome!

If you haven't entered my fabric giveaway yet,there is still a few more hours
for you to do sew!
Check it out here

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Finished Quilt Top

Today I finally had time to get my Posie Patch quilt top finished!
I am really happy with how this quilt is turning out :)
The weather even cooperated long enough for me to take a couple
of pictures.  Yay!

Here is a close-up.
Yesterday I took a FMQ class!  It was so much fun and I learned
a lot.  I forgot to take a picture of my sampler,so will have to post
a photo of it another time.
Next I will be working on my Posie appliques.
Wish me luck as this will be a first for me!

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