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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Swap reveal and other sewy stuff

This quarter for Sew,Share,Swap (the FB swap group I am in) the theme was 4th of July,sewist choice.

Which meant we could choose any project we wanted to sew up for our partner.  I received Melissa's name this quarter!  It took me forever to finally make up my mind about what to make for her.  She likes things bright and Modern.  This little mini above was my tester for my pattern!  It will be a garden flag soon,it is 13 1/2 x 17 1/2 :)

This is the one I made for Melissa,it measured around 25 by 36.  She received it today so I can show it off to you!  I was pretty worried about her liking it,but she has assured me that she loves it :)  This pattern is a combination of two techniques that have been pinned on my(techniques to try) board on pinterest for a while now.  I am so excited with how this turned out and will be using the lightening technique again for sure.

For the batting in this project I tried out this new to me batting.  you make your sandwich and then instead of basting you press the sandwich!  I ended up pressing on both sides of my sandwich because my iron tends to scorch fabric if turned up higher than the lowest cotton setting.  It was nice to not have to baste but,I would not use this in a larger project than this for fear of getting things crooked and then having a disaster!  It is great for smaller projects though.  I purchased this at Joann's with a half off coupon.  So it was around $7.50 and it is 45 by 36.

This little table mat was just the wedges left over from a block I made for someone while I was in stash bee.  It was three wedges short of a block so I added three red and white wedges,you can just see the corner of one.  The center is also red and white.

Recently Lorna over at Sew Fresh Quilts put out a call for pattern testers,why yes I did volunteer!  This is the first part of my project.

Then this came together,although my strips somehow got out of order.  It is staying as is right or not,because I do not dislike it enough to rip it out!

Were you wondering what that word above was?  Ha ha,most of the way through the heart block it dawned on me that my U had issues!  So I ripped it apart and fixed it.  (story of my sewing life :)

A couple of spools of scrappy thread too...

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Flags on a Stick...

First things first,a Big Thank you to Madame Samm of Sew We quilt for all the behind the scenes hard work,as well as lining up the fabulous Sponsors for this hop.    Speaking of Sponsors they are... Flags on a Stick &  Also Thank You to Thearica of Pig Tales and Quilts for being such a wonderful Cheerleader on this hop.

When thinking of what fabric to use for my new flag,I spotted a kit from a class at Fabric Fest last September.  The kit was from Sue Daley and featured the fabrics in the above hexie flowers.  In the class we learned how to make hexies.  I never really intended to make the wall hanging made up of a gazillion little 1/2" hexies,but I did want to learn how to make them...

So I used the fabrics from the kit to make my little flag.  I folded the white piece of fabric in half,sewed all around the edges,leaving a opening for turning.  Turned  the fabric,pressed,and stitched all around the edge again closing the opening.  I folded the top edge down 1 1/2 inches to the backside to make the opening for the flag pole.  (Measurements 18"x12 1/2" finished)

Sewed the three little hexie flowers,which took me a long time...The gathered piece of fabric between the  watering can and the pinwheel blocks was added from my stash.  I gathered it before attaching it to the flag.  Steam-A-Seam was used to attach the watering can to the background,then I used a zigzag stitch all around the outline.

I added a few more hexie's to make a mosaic on the watering can,and a butterfly on the handle.  Which you can just make out,because it blends in so well.  Although the snow is gone,we still do not have a speck of green here yet.  So the photos were taken at the edge of my rock garden,facing the street instead of facing the garden.  (I do live in the Rocky MT's,so rocks are rather appropriate I think)

A closer photo inside so you can see the butterfly and the gathered fabric (it has tiny red tulips on it).  I loosely followed a pattern from the Current Quilts & More magazine  for my flag.  Sorry I forgot to take a photo of the one in the magazine.

A little something for one of you lucky hoppers!  This is the project from the class,since I will not be making this I thought you might like it.  Of course the fabric is not included,but I will add in at least a couple of FQ's to go with the booklet.

Be sure to leave me a way to contact you if you are a "No Reply Blogger"

Okay,off you go to see what these other Talented Ladies have sewn up!

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Red White & Blue & Purple too!

Did you beat the heat this weekend?  We did,barely!   It was 105 in the shade here today,Yikes!  I stayed indoors,where it was around 90.  Still very hot,but at least not 105.

I just tried to keep cool with cold drinks over Lots of Ice :)  Like this one......


I Love Iced Coffee,so when this popped up on Pinterest,you know I had to give it a try!

A while back we had purchased a garden flag holder on clearance.  So a garden flag has been on my to sew list.  This is the first one I made,with the 4th just around the corner,red,white,and blue fit the bill!  The next one will need to be longer for sure,but I really like how this first one turned out.

The back side.  It was supposed to be a star,but because of the size of the scraps I used it turned out to be more of an X.  Oh well,I like it anyway :)

The only other bit of sewing this week was this Somerset Star another pin that has been on my list of things to sew!  There is a bunch of us ladies at work (6-8) who go out to lunch the day after payday every other week.  We all work in different areas of the store,and usually only get to visit/hangout then. One of the ladies is moving away :(  This coming Friday will be our last lunch with her,so I wanted to give her something to remember our lunches together by.  Her favorite color is purple.....

Hope you stayed cool and had some sewing time this weekend too!

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